You can leverage our full data stack approach to obtain a complete view of your lineage, from your data warehouse to your BI tool.
Below is an example of such lineage if you connect:

  • a Firebolt data warehouse
  • a dbt project (see here to add dbt on Sifflet)
  • Looker as BI Tool (see here to add Looker on Sifflet)

To integrate with Firebolt, follow the below steps:

  1. Create a Sifflet dedicated user with a "Viewer" role. These are the minimal permissions required for Sifflet to operate
  2. Connect to Sifflet

Lineage overview with Firebolt, dbt and Looker assets

1- Create a user

In order to create a Sifflet user, you can follow the official Firebolt documentation.
A "Viewer" role is enough for Sifflet to function.

Please choose a "username" (for instance "sifflet_user") and a secured password, store them carefully as you will need them to connect to Sifflet later on.

2- Connect to Sifflet

To connect to Firebolt on Sifflet, you will need three items:

  • the connection details: your Database name
  • the secret which corresponds to the username and password you previously chose
  • the frequency: how often you want the information to be refreshed

To create the Firebolt secret, follow the below steps:

  • In "Integration" --> submenu "Secrets", create a new secret
  • In the "Secret" area, copy-paste the below text and replace it with the correct username and password:
  "user": "<username>",
  "password": "<password>"

You can also refer to this page on how to add a data source in Sifflet.