Integrations Management

Navigate to the "Integrations" --> submenu "Credentials" page and add your data source secret.
Your secret depends on your data source type.


Secret Management

Sifflet uses AWS Secret Manager to store your secrets securely.

Add Your Data Source Connection

Navigate to the Integrations --> submenu "Sources"page and add a new source.

Configure Your Data Source

Select your data source type, and provide the required information on the form. Press Test Connection to ensure that your connection is working correctly.


Datasource Timezone

We recommend to define the timezone of your datasource, if it is not UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

It will be UTC by default.


Time reference and run frequency

The time reference is on UTC.
So a datasource set up with a cron "0 9 * * *" will mean it will synchronize every day at 9 am UTC time.


Duplicate the parameters of an existing datasource

You can also duplicate the connection parameters of an existing datasource:

Manually refresh a datasource

To manually refresh a data source, follow the below steps:

  • On the left panel, go to "Integrations" -> submenu "Sources"
  • Select the "Run" Button

Sync status of your datasource

You can see the status of your previous synchronizations for a given datasource by clicking on the datasource, then go to the Runs tab.

Delete Your Data Source

Deleting a data source will automatically delete the data assets coming from this data source as well as any monitors and incidents on top of these data assets.


  1. After creating a datasource, I manually refreshed it by clicking the "Update Source" but I don't see the new datasets in the Catalog, what happened?
    There could be several reasons as to why the new datasets do not appear:
    1. You can first check the synchronisation status (see here), it might still be running or to confirm it failed.
    2. If the status shows "Failure", you can check if you have provided Sifflet's account the correct right accesses. For instance, for Snowflake, it is detailed here.
    3. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to reach out to Sifflet's support