Product Release 2023-12-05

Release: New Time-Based Data Aggregation Frequencies, Get Alerted on Monitor Misconfigurations, Smarter Data Catalog Search Parameters, Business Glossary Bug Fix

Product Release 2023-11-29

Release: Bulk Editing Monitor Business Terms

Product Release 2023-11-24

Release: MS Teams integration bug fix

Product Release 2023-11-20

Release: Monitor Library updates, Search performance improvements

Product Release 2023-11-15

Release: Users password reset improvements

Product Release 2023-11-13

Release: Monitoring performance improvements.

Product Release 2023-11-10

Release: Data Catalog filtering improvements

Product Release 2023-11-09

Release: Monitor Library updates and monitor graph performance improvements, User ID added to the UI, data previewing bug fix

Product Release 2023-11-07

Release: Asset page bug fixes

Product Release 2023-11-03

Release: AI Assistant performance improvements, Monitor filters formatting improvements, Asset Health Status bug fix