Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is Google Cloud’s fully managed relational database server for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

Sifflet can connect to all types of databases in Cloud SQL.

First, create a user and obtain the connection details from CloudSQL. Then, proceed to the section related to your specific database type.

1- Create a database user for Sifflet

You can find instructions on how to create a database user in Cloud SQL in the official documentation

Sifflet relies on Cloud SQL built-in authentication that authenticates using a username and password.

In step 3, you will configure the correct permission for this user.

2- Setup connectivity to your Cloud SQL

See the official documentation to know more about the connectivity options and settings.

For advanced network settings, please get in touch with our team.

3- Connect Sifflet to Cloud SQL database

For more instructions on connecting Sifflet to your Cloud SQL database type, please refer to the following pages: