Sifflet's glossary


A data asset refers to any object that contains/transforms data: data table, a dashboard, a DAG, a dbt Model, a bucket S3, etc.


A platform represents a provider of data that Sifflet connects to. For instance: BigQuery, Snowflake, Looker, etc.
One platform can contain several sources (see definition of source further below)


It represents a source of data that Sifflet can connect to: Data Warehouse, BI Tools, ETL, Orchestrator, data lake, etc.
A source (or data source) usually goes down to the deepest granularity (schema level, dataset level for BQ, etc.).
For instance, one source corresponds for Snowflake to one specific schema. Consequently, for a same Snowflake data warehouse, Sifflet can have several sources configured.


A class of quality criteria that can be applied to a table/field based on variables.


In Sifflet, an incident is issued when a rule run fails. The incident object allows to document and track the investigation and resolution of the issue root cause.