Microsoft Teams

Connecting to your Teams lets you receive direct alerts on your most critical tables.

Connect to Teams

To connect to Teams, please follow these steps:

  1. In Teams (official docs for reference):
  • Choose/create the channel you want Sifflet to send notifications to.
  • After clicking on the three dots of the channel, click on "Connectors", search for "Incoming Webhook" and add it. For the name, you can choose "Sifflet_webhook".
  • Copy the url somewhere, you will need it in Sifflet
  1. In Sifflet:
  • Go to Settings and go to the submenu "Alerts Destinations"
  • Enable the Teams extension
  • Add the url copied in the last section
  • Once added, you will be able to select your channel.

You can repeat if you want to add another webhook.


Public and private channels

Sifflet directs alerts to both public/private channels.