AlloyDB is a Google Cloud fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service.

Sifflet can connect to AlloyDB like a PostgreSQL database.

First, create a user and obtain the connection details. Then, proceed to the section related to the PostgreSQL database.

1- Create a database user for Sifflet

You can find instructions on how to create a database user in AlloyDB in the official documentation.

Sifflet supports standard PostgreSQL user roles to authenticate using a username and password.

In step 3, you will configure the correct permission for this user.

2- Setup connectivity to your AlloyDB

See the official documentation to know more about the connectivity options and settings.

For advanced network settings, please get in touch with our team.

3- Connect Sifflet to AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

For more instructions on connecting Sifflet to your Cloud SQL database type, please refer to the following page:

Connect Sifflet to PostgreSQL