You can integrate with Microsoft Power BI to map the dependencies between Power BI objects and data pipelines.
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To connect Sifflet to Power BI, you will need a Power BI account and a Microsoft Entra ID account (formerly Azure Active Directory), both with admin rights.
This will allow creating a read-only access for Sifflet.

The main steps are the following:

  1. Create a Microsoft Entra App for Sifflet and generate client ID and secret
  2. Configure Power BI to allow Sifflet to communicate with Power BI's API
  3. Add Power BI datasource In Sifflet

1- Create a Microsoft Entra App for Sifflet

In this step, you will create a service principal for Sifflet in your Microsoft Entra ID. This will enable Sifflet to access Power BI service content and APIs.

You can follow steps 1 and 2 in this official Azure documentation.

2- Configure Sifflet service principal to access Power BI

You can follow steps 3 and 4 in this official Azure documentation.

Additionally, you need to enable metadata scanning APIs and allow the service principal to use them. Go to your Power BI Admin portal > Tenant Settings > Admin API settings and grant the security group created previously access to the three following APIs.

3- Connect Sifflet to Power BI

Back to your Sifflet tenant:

  1. Create the Power BI secret that Sifflet will use to connect:

    • On the left panel, choose "Integration" and then the "Secrets" submenu

    • Press "New" Secret

    • Information required:

      • Name of your secret

      • The secret is the client secret of the app you previously created in Part 1

        The format on Sifflet is just the secret itself.

  1. Add the Power BI datasource:

    • On the left panel, choose "Integration" and then the "Sources" submenu

    • Press "New" Datasource

    • Information required:

      • Name of the datasource

      • Power BI Workspace Id: the Power BI Workspace Id can be found directly in the URL link when you are using Power BI.
        For, the Workspace Id will be 037b193e-74f4-4132-96ea-bcda6639f743

      • Azure AD tenant Id and Azure AD client Id: both can be found on the Overview of your app on Azure

      • Secret: choose the newly created secret


Error message : "API is not accessible for application"

After triggering the Power BI integration, you may receive the following error message in the "Runs" details tab:

Error encountered when trying to pull Power BI remote state, cause = Error encountered when trying to get scan response for workspace id 403 Forbidden: "{"Message":"API is not accessible for application"}", scan id {1}

Sifflet requires access the Power BI API. Please ensure to enable the Power BI service admin settings.