How to set up and run your first rules

Once your data stack sources have been connected with Sifflet, you will want to start monitoring your assets. The best practice is to start with your most requested tables, which are likely the most critical ones.

For configuring your rules, you have two options:


This is the easiest way to start monitoring your data. This feature allows you to set multiple rules in a few clicks. Sifflet will automatically suggest which rules can be applied.

How to apply Auto-Coverage on your data assets

One-Rule setup

You can also create and configure one rule at a time.
Many additional monitoring logics can then be applied to your data assets. Depending on your business cases, the structure of your data and which monitoring you want to implement, you can choose from a large portfolio of available rules.

How to setup one individual rule

The exhaustive list of available templates can be found here.

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