JIRA tickets can be automatically created in case of Sifflet monitor failure. Generating JIRA tickets in case of monitor failures ensures data quality issues detected by Sifflet fit into your existing incident and task management workflow and that no important issue gets accidentally overlooked.

Set up the Integration

You can have JIRA tickets generated from failing monitors using Sifflet Email integration and JIRA's ability to create issues and comments from email.

Follow the below steps to set the integration up:

  1. Go to the System section of your JIRA SETTINGS
  2. Click on the Incoming Mail entry of the MAIL section
  3. Copy the email address corresponding to the incoming mail server you want to send Sifflet failing monitor emails to from the Set up your incoming mail server section of the page
  4. Head to the Settings > Alert Destinations page of your Sifflet application
  5. Add the copied email address to the list of Configured mail addresses in the Mail section of the page
  6. Head back to the System section of your JIRA SETTINGS
  7. Click the Add incoming mail handler button in the Mail Handlers section of the page and configure it to suit your need
  8. Head back to your Sifflet application and start adding the configured email address to the monitors you expect JIRA tickets to be triggered from in case of failure.

For more details on any of the above steps, visit the Sifflet and JIRA related documentation pages.