Monitor Run


In Sifflet, Monitors may be run manually and automatically, basing on a defined Schedule. These two approaches may be utilised complementarily, for example with pre-defined schedule as the main solution, and manual runs being triggered on-demand.

How to

Run Overview

To see an overview of all previous and active runs of your Monitor, go to the Runs Tab on the Monitor Details Page.

Scheduled Run

In most cases, predefining a regular Run Schedule for monitors is an optimal solution. The schedule may always be changed later.

Manual Run

To trigger a Monitor Run manually, go to the Monitor Details Page and find the "Run" button in the top-right corner. Press it a go to the "Runs" Tab to watch the job status (a new job will appear at the top of the list). Depending on a monitor, it may take a few seconds up to a few minutes to finish.