Every data quality monitor and every source integration checks your data based on a specific schedule. This schedule can be fine-tuned with Cron Expressions to support any need.

Sifflet relies on Cron expressions to define schedules. If you are not familiar with Cron, this link is your starting point.

If you use @daily or @hourly for example, the monitors will respond to their cron expression :

  • If you use @hourly, it will run "At minute 0"
  • If you use @daily, it will run "At 00:00"
  • If you use @monthly, it will run “At 00:00 on day-of-month 1”

If you need more flexibility on when your monitors should run - for example, scheduling your monitors to run on a specific hour or weekdays only - you should create a new schedule with the right Cron expression and attach the right monitors.


Time reference

The time reference is on UTC.
So a monitor set up with a cron "0 9 * * *" will mean it will run every day at 9 am UTC time.