A business domain represents a subset of all your data assets. Domains are useful to provide a view of specific business areas such as Finance, Marketing or Sales. It can also provide different access to different teams such as the data team, data consumer team etc.

Users in a given domain will be able to focus on this particular scope.



Only users with the Admin role can manage domains.

Create a Domain

To create a new domain:

  • Click on the + New Domain button at the top right hand corner of the page
  • Give a name to your domain
  • Add a description to your domain
  • Select the data assets to assign to the domain. This can be done:
  1. Through manual selection: By ticking data assets of interest in the dropdown menu

  2. Through regular expressions: By inputting the regular expression corresponding to the subset of assets of interest.

    The supported regular expression syntax corresponds to the MySQL one.

    Regular expressions are case sensitive.

    Regular expressions are applied to the data source and to the data asset name.
    Example: If a data asset is called ORDERS and the data source this data asset is coming from is called Web analytics, the regular expression will be applied on the string Web analytics ORDERS.

    You can add multiple regular expressions if needed. Sifflet will take the union of all assets targeted by the defined regular expressions (acts like an OR).

  3. Through both manual selection and regular expressions: You can combine the two methods to define the data assets associated with your domain if needed.

Assign Domains to Users

You can assign one, multiple, or all domains to your users on the Users page.

Switch Between Domains

Users assigned to multiple domains can leverage the dropdown located at the top of all Sifflet application pages to switch between the various domains they are associated to.