A business domain represents a subset of all your data assets. Domains are useful to provide a view of specific business areas such as Finance, Marketing or Sales. It can also provide different access to different teams such as the data team, data consumer team etc.

Users in a given domain will be able to focus on this particular scope.

Creating a domain


Only users with an Admin role can create domains and assign it to users.

You can create a domain on Settings -> Domains:

  • Click on "+ Domain" to open a dialog screen.

Select the data assets to add to the domain. You can either:

  • Add manually one given asset
  • Or bulk add data assets by leveraging regular expressions


By default, the domain "All" is created granting access to all data assets.

Assigning users to domain


Users can be assigned to several domains. You can switch domain on the top right side.

You can assign domains to an existing user on Settings -> Users -> Edit: