Monitor List Page is an overview of the current state of your setup, it's performance and results.

How to

Last Runs Status Summary

A summary of statuses of last Monitor Runs offers a quick overview of the state of your setup.

Monitor List Page

An overview of all monitors configured on your data assets.

For each monitor, you will find a summary displaying information such as:

  • Template name
  • Monitor name
  • Data Asset(s) being monitored
  • Last Run Status
  • Overview of the last 7 runs
    • green = success
    • red = failure
    • orange = technical error / requires attention
    • grey = no run yet
  • Time of the last run
  • Dataset Tags (grey)
  • Business Tags (white)
  • Features and characteristics (e.g. multi-dimensionality)
  • Severity
  • Run Schedule

Monitor Details Page

Clicking on a Monitor will open a Monitor Page with more information available in 3 tabs: Overview, Runs, Details.


An overview of your monitor latest state, with graph(s) of the latest run.


An overview of results of all past Monitor Runs, including their time, duration and trigger mode (scheduled or manual).


A detailed summary of all monitor parameters.