Business Glossary


Business Glossary is a collection of well-defined terms and definitions that serve as a common reference guide for all data stakeholders to ensure teams share a consistent understanding and interpretation of the data.

Business Glossary

Business Glossary

Manage business terms

Click a business term

Clicking on a business term opens a side panel containing more details about your business term: its entire definition as well as all the list of all the data assets tagged with the term.


Clicking the Edit button allows you edit your business term name and definition.

Business Term Edit

Business Term Edit


Clicking the Delete button allows you to delete your business term.

Business Term Delete

Business Term Delete

"Definition" tab

The "Definition" tab contains the entire description of your business term.

Business Term Definition

Business Term Definition

"Data assets" tab

The "Data assets" tab contains the list of assets that are tagged with the business term.

You can either see all assets tagged with your business term (All) or use the filters to narrow down your search to a specific type of asset (Tables & Views, Dashboards, Pipelines).

Business Term Tables & Views Asset List

Business Term "Tables & Views" Asset List

Create a business term

Click the New term button to create a new business term. Define your business term name and description, then hit the Save button.

Search for business terms

The search is performed on terms' names.

Using Business Terms

You can add and remove business terms to the below Sifflet objects:

  • Data assets
  • Fields
  • Monitors (beta)
Adding Business Term to Data Asset

Adding Business Terms