Sifflet Insights Chrome Extension

Feel confident in the data in your BI dashboard. Receive up-to-date information about data quality issues directly in your BI tool.


Sifflet Insights provides up-to-date information about upstream data quality issues directly in your BI tool.

Key features

  • Receive data quality alerts in your BI tool:  Have confidence in reporting, get direct notifications of any upstream data quality issues in your dashboards.
  • Track data quality incidents on upstream datasets: Gain the ability to swiftly investigate, view, and resolve data quality issues directly from your BI dashboards. If needed, follow links to the Sifflet Platform for more details.
    Explore data catalog metadata: Elevate your understanding of your datasets by uncovering the story behind each. 

Why choose Sifflet Insights

  • Empower business teams: Democratize access to data by giving business teams data quality insights from their BI dashboards.
  • Build data trust: Improved reporting with accurate data. Ensure dashboards reliability by including data quality monitoring in your day-to-day processes.
  • Improve efficiency: Save time on data quality verification
  • Seamless onboarding: Quickly setup Sifflet Insights and integrate with your BI tool to help you get insights right away.

How to


  • Sifflet Insights Chrome extension is supported on all Chromium-based browsers, including but not limited to: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, etc.
  • Sifflet Insights Chrome extension currently supports Tableau Cloud, Looker, Power BI - support for additional BI tools is in progress.


Download the Sifflet Insights Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Sifflet Insights extension should be downloaded from Chrome Web Store regardless of the browser you are looking to use it on.


Generate Access Token

Go to Sifflet > Settings > Access Tokens and create a New Access Token. Remember to store it somewhere safe because it'll only be displayed once. Make sure to give it a Viewer Role.

Setup Extension

Setup the Chrome Extension by filling out your Sifflet URL and Access Token input fields, and selecting BI tool(s) that you'd like to use Sifflet Insights on.


Navigate to your BI Dashboard in Looker or Tableau, open Sifflet Insights and start exploring.