URI definition for Looker follows this standard:

Identifier fragments:

  • Namespace: looker://{host} OR looker://{host}:{port}
    • Scheme = looker
    • Authority = {host} OR {host}:{port}
  • Unique name: {dashboardId}

URI format:

  • looker://{host}/{dashboardId} OR looker://{host}:{port}/{dashboardId}

About adding Port information or not in the authority:

Having port or not in the uri is helping distinguishing port forwarding cases, looker cloud and looker self-hosted cases inside Sifflet system. In practice, the rule you should follow is:

  • If you are using Looker cloud, or port forwarding on a self-hosted Looker instance, or using port 443 on a self-hosted Looker instance, you should skip the port in the URI and use format looker://{host}/{dashboardId}
  • In other cases you should add the port in the URI and use format looker://{host}:{port}/{dashboardId}

Parameters definitions:

  • host identifier must start with a lowercase letter and include only lowercase letters, numbers, dash and dot (regex: [a-z][a-z0-9-.]+)
  • port identifier must include numbers only.
  • dashboardId identifier covers two different types of id:
    • “standard” Looker dashboard id, that is the identifier you will find in the url when navigating on a dashboard on a looker instance. It is an integer. Ex: 132
    • LookMl dashboard id is the other type of identifier. It is composed of two elements, one of them is the model name and the other one the dashboard name. The id looks like that: {modelName}::{dashboardName}
      • modelName can include any unicode character until U+FFFF, except */ ? * : | " < > %*
      • dashboardName can include lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, dashs and underscores.


  • Cloud instance with “standard” dashboard id: looker://sifflet.cloud.looker.com/145
  • Cloud instance with LookMl id:looker://sifflet.cloud.looker.com:9999/myModel::my_dashboard
  • Self-hosted instance with “standard” dashboard id: looker://sifflet.cloud.looker.com:9999/23
  • Self-hosted instance with LookMl id looker://self-hosted.sifflet.com:9999/myModel::my_dashboard
  • Self-hosted instance with LookMl id and port forwarding on the looker server looker://self-hosted.sifflet.com/myModel::my_dashboard