Incident report

You can now track all your monitoring rules alerts with a dedicated Incidents page.
This enables you to:

  • Identify and prioritise regular issues on your most critical data assets
  • Manage any data incident with a streamlined workflow
  • Centralise all data related incidents in one place

Incidents Reports

On the main "Incidents" page, you can see at a glance all the created incidents.
Each time a monitoring rule fails, an associated incident will be created, with the same criticality.


Here we sort by Most Critical issues, then by Status

For each incident, all the necessary information is summarised in 2 tabs to help you with the investigation:


In the Overview tab you can see:

  • the associated rule that failed in Incident Scope
  • the potential impacted downstream assets in Compromised assets, for instance BI Dashboards
  • The timeline summarises all actions that occurred for this incident: comments, assignment, closing/re-opening the incident.
Typical incident page

Typical incident page


You can see here the whole downstream and upstream assets in the Lineage tab

Typical workflow

A typical workflow for an opened incident would be:

  • Assign it to someone in your team
  • Use the Compromised assets section to alert any team that could be impacted
  • Use the Lineage tab to get a better understanding of the upstream assets
  • Comment the resolution in the Timeline
  • Close the report by providing a final status: Fixed, False Positive, Expected or Known issue