URI definition for Tableau follows this standard:

Identifier fragments:

  • Namespace: tableau://{host}:{port}/{site} OR tableau://{host}/{site}
    • Scheme = tableau
    • Authority ={host}:{port}/{site} OR {host}/{site}
  • Unique name: {dashboardId}

URI format:

  • Tableau cloud instance: tableau://{host}/{site}/{dashboardId}
  • Tableau self-hosted instance: tableau://{host}:{port}/{site}/{dashboardId}

Parameters limitations:

  • host identifier must start with a lowercase letter and include only lowercase letters, numbers, dash and dot (regex: [a-z][a-z0-9-.]+)
  • port identifier must include only numbers
  • site identifier must include only lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, dash and underscore (regex: [a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)
  • dashboardId must be of UUID format, meaning lowercase letters from a to f, numbers and dash.


  • tableau://sifflet.cloud.tableau.com/Dev/5e7570e3-bfe9-43b6-8011-1418bd77d45e
  • tableau://tableau.self-hosted.sifflet.com:8080/aaaa/35223729-b920-47b1-8670-a4e6975973b6