Product Release 2024-03-06

Release: dbt Cloud integration bug fix, Data Catalog search bug fix

Product Release 2024-03-04

Release: Monitor Improvements - History refetch

Product Release 2024-02-26

Release: Simplify Collaboration by Assigning Owners to Your Data Assets

Product Release 2024-02-20

Release: Notifications on DBT monitors

Product Release 2024-02-19

Release: Domain-Based Access Control, Automated Field-Level Lineage: Coverage Improvement on Bigquery and Snowflake, Get a More Granular Understanding of Your Data Pipelines Health With Tag-Based Dashboard Filtering, Data Quality As Code Supporting Continuous Scan

Product Release 2024-02-06

Release: Sifflet Insights Chrome Extension Launch, Smart Regex Feature supported by the Open AI GPT-4 model, Updated Monitor Templates Library

Product Release 2024-01-25

Release: Smarter Monitor Search Parameters

Product Release 2024-01-15

Release: Continuous Scan for all ML-based Monitors

Product Release 2024-01-10

Release: Simplified Data Discovery Through Data Warehouse Collected Tags

Product Release 2024-01-02

Release: Differential Static Completeness Template, Dbt Ephemeral Models No Longer Create REF Table in the Lineage, Sifflet Airflow Operators Now Available for Self-Hosted Deployments, SSO Settings Page Revamped User Interface