Product Release 2024-05-27

✨ Feature Highlights

Improved Classification and Documentation Recommendations

Sifflet AI Assistant was updated in order to:

  • Provide better columns classification tags and documentation recommendations by leveraging OpenAI GPT-4o
  • Optimise its performance and reduce its footprint on your environment when performing AI suggestions
Optimized AI Suggestions

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Simplified Compliance With 20+ New Classification Tags

Sifflet AI Assistant recognizes 20+ new classifiers such as Email Address, Credit Card Number, IP Address or Login Details. Sifflet AI Assistant detects columns to which these classifiers apply and suggests them as classification tags, helping you categorise your data and consequently simplify data governance and compliance with regulation.

Additional Classification Tags

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Sifflet Insights Now Features Ownerships for Simpler Collaboration

Sifflet Insights (Sifflet browser extension) now surfaces information about assets' owners. This means data stakeholders can now know who to contact in case of issue or question on the dashboard they are looking at without even leaving their BI tool.

Asset Owners Chrome Extension

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New "Creator" Monitor Filter

You can now locate monitors you and people on your team created more easily thanks to Monitors list's new Creator filter category.

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App version: v253