Product Release 2024-04-02

Release: Preview Sample Data of All Table Columns in One-Click, Email Integration UI Revamp

✨ Feature Highlights

Preview Sample Data of All Table Columns in One-Click

You can now preview a sample of all your table columns in one-click, making it even simpler to get an overview of what your table data actually looks like.

Read more about data preview

Email Integration UI Revamp

In addition to recent changes ensuring Sifflet users' email addresses are automatically configured (See v216 changelog), the email integration just got entirely revamped in order to:

  • Give it a fresh look and make it easier to differentiate users' email addresses from custom ones
  • Simplify the configuration of multiple custom email addresses in one go
  • Allow you to delete custom configured email addresses from the integration and monitors

Read more about email integration

🛠 Fixes

  • Improved behaviour when scrolling on graphs
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a point to qualify it would not register

App version: v222