Product Release 2024-02-06

Release: Sifflet Insights Chrome Extension Launch, Smart Regex Feature supported by the Open AI GPT-4 model, Updated Monitor Templates Library

✨ Feature Highlights

Sifflet Insights Chrome Extension Launch

Your BI dashboard is your go-to source for critical insights, and the accuracy and reliability of the data it displays are paramount. Sifflet Insights is here to reinvent your BI dashboard experience. Connected to your Sifflet account, it provides up-to-date information about upstream data quality issues directly within your preferred BI tool. Currently, it supports Looker and Tableau, with plans to expand to additional BI tools in the near future.

Available for download in the Chrome Web Store.

Sifflet AI Assistant support extended to the Open AI GPT-4 model

The AI Assistant combines multiple cutting-edge technologies to offer the best tailor-made support for Sifflet users. It's Smart Regex feature has just received a boost of the Open AI GPT-4 model. The functionality allows for generating complex regex syntax based on natural language input, at the same time ensuring privacy - no customer data or metadata is being passed to Open AI.

Updated Monitor Templates Library

Sifflet Monitor Templates Library is constantly evolving to better fulfil the changing needs of our users. We've introduced a new category, Table-level health, to help you focus on value, not implementation details. The new category includes all former Metadata Monitors, with the Completeness Templates rebranded to Volume, and Duplicates to Row-level Duplicates. Additionally, to clarify their functions, some Metrics and Smart Metrics templates got improved names, including Interlinked Metrics becoming Correlated Metrics.

App version: v204