Access Token

An Access Token is required to call Sifflet API endpoints.

Using the API Depending on Your Deployment Model

You can use Sifflet API endpoints regardless of your Sifflet deployment type (SaaS or self hosted).


Simply follow the guidelines of the documentation page that corresponds to the endpoint you are interested in querying.

Self Hosted

  1. Make sure your client is in a network that can access your Sifflet instance.
  2. Confirm the URL of the Sifflet backend API with the team in charge of the Sifflet deployment at your company.
    Note: The Sifflet backend API URL should be defined by the backendApiUrl variable in the Helm release values.
  3. Append the appropriate path and query parameters to this backend API URL.
    Example: If your Sifflet backend API URL is and you are looking to get all your Sifflet rules, the URL of the endpoint to query is