Product Release 2024-05-22

✨ Feature Highlights

Document and Classify Your Data in One-Click

You can now enrich your Data Catalog in one-click thanks to Sifflet AI Assistant new capability. Clicking the Generate metadata button on your data assets now indeed generates:

  • Columns classification suggestions to help teams categorize Tables & Views assets' columns in a more accurate and comprehensive manner.
  • Descriptions recommendations to enrich data assets documentation and ensure the content of datasets' columns is clear to all data stakeholders.

Learn more about AI Suggestions

Select Multiple Tables in Custom SQL Monitors

Available for Custom Metrics and Custom SQL

You can now select multiple tables when creating a Custom SQL monitor, this will allow the monitor to be linked to multiple tables at once but what it also truly unlocks is the power of AI to generate even more advanced Monitors, joining tables automatically and on demand !

Sifflet's AI Assistant will attempt to join tables together with the context of the tables' schemas and column descriptions! (if you identify your column as foreign key in the description that will be taken into account! )

🛠 Fixes

  • [Data Catalog] Fixed a bug that was preventing some search parameters (search terms, search on fields selection, page, and number of items per page) from being maintained during a Data Catalog navigation.

App version: v252