Product Release 2024-03-11

Release: Continuous sensitivity, Incident creation toggle, monitor search improvements, programmatically manage Sifflet users access controls

✨ Feature Highlights

ML Monitoring - Continuous Sensitivity

Sensitivity for Anomaly detection has always been a complex issue. To reduce noise, it is ideal to find the best sensitivity value that fits the most valid points and still detects anomalies in the data when they do occur. Sifflet has now switched from having set sensitivity thresholds to allowing for even more granular control of anomaly detection.

Mapped values to previous setup: Low -> 25, Medium -> 50, High -> 85

ML Monitoring - Sensitivity recommendations

Along with the change, Sifflet's AI assistant can now deliver more specific and efficient Sensitivity suggestions, aiming to fit as many valid points as possible (including those marked as false positives !) and still detect anomalies for true errors!

Monitors - Incident Creation Toggle

There are some monitors for which you don't necessarily want to create a Data Incident, so we've added a toggle that let's you turn off SIfflet's automatic creation of an incident when a monitor fails. This is great for monitors you want to review periodically without initiating any resolution processes for!
We use this feature on some of our internal sifflet instance where we detect anomalous patterns in Sifflet usage. If a Customer is creating more monitors than usual we want to proactively reach out to them to help but we don't necessarily need an incident for that! :bulb:

Monitors as code:

incident:                   # (REQUIRED) 
  severity:                 # (REQUIRED) Severity of the incident
    "Low" | "Moderate" | "High" | "Critical"
  message: String           # (optional - default null) Custom message to add to the incident and notifications
  createOnFailure: Boolean

Monitors - Search Improvements

We've improved the monitor search page to further improve the way you the monitors you want.

  • Improved freetext search patterns
  • Count previews in filters to identify quickly how many monitors belong to each filter option
  • Filter on business terms

Learn more about monitors

Programmatically manage Sifflet users' access controls

User management API endpoints were updated to allow you to programmatically associate roles to the domains your Sifflet users have access to. This simplifies access controls management and ensures only the right people access the appropriate data inside of Sifflet.

Learn more about API-based user management

App version: v213