Product Release 2024-06-19

✨ Feature Highlights

Describe Monitors with AI

We've introduced the capability to generate Monitor names and descriptions with AI. This will ensure you have highly descriptive descriptions and names for your monitors with low effort!

How? Simply select the AI icon in the text fields to write custom monitors. You will need to regenerate when monitors are now.

Tip: Not satisfied with the description, click it again and it will change!

Note: This generation is currently not aware of other descriptions and monitor names you have set on other monitors. Future versions aim to leverage these and make it even easier to standardise naming practices.

Need Help? Send Us a Message From Within the Sifflet App!

You can now reach out to the Sifflet team directly from within your app by clicking your user gravatar at the top right end corner of your application and hitting the Give us feedback entry in the menu. A form will show up letting you enter your name, email address, message to the Sifflet team, and even take a screenshot. You can use this to report bugs, share feedback about the application or even ask for help. The Sifflet team will follow up with you shortly after you submit your message!

App version: v274