Product Release 2024-06-13

✨ Feature Highlights

Fivetran integration

Sifflet now integrates with Fivetran, allowing you to gain unparalleled visibility into your data's end-to-end journey, from source to destination.

With this release, the Sifflet lineage graph no longer starts at the data platform level. Instead, you now have access to two types of nodes that represent your data’s journey before it even reaches the data platform:

  • Fivetran connector nodes: These clickable nodes represent your Fivetran connectors, allowing you to get all the useful information about a given connector with just one click. This information includes the connector’s source and destination, its current status, sync frequency, and the timestamp of the latest sync. Accompanied by the Sifflet metadata that you’re accustomed to (owners, description, and last metadata refresh), this panel gives you, at a glance, all the necessary information about a given connector.
  • Source asset nodes: For every Fivetran connector, Sifflet will create nodes for the source assets from which Fivetran extracts data, giving you complete visibility on your data’s journey. These nodes, which allow you to get a truly end-to-end lineage within Sifflet, represent one of the key differentiators of our Fivetran integration.
End-to-end lineage via the Fivetran integration

End-to-end lineage via the Fivetran integration

By integrating your Fivetran account with Sifflet, you'll also be able to swiftly detect connector issues (in the Sifflet data catalog and via the Fivetran connector nodes in the lineage) and easily get a bird’s-eye view of your Fivetran connectors, no matter where you encounter them in the lineage.

To get started with the integration, refer to the dedicated documentation page. For additional information about the exciting features of this integration, check out the official release announcement.

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented Tableau and Looker assets from being connected to their upstream nodes in the lineage.

App version: v269