Product Release 2024-05-06

Release: New monitors wizard, Rolling aggregation for monitors with dynamic thresholds

✨ Feature Highlights

New monitors wizard

We have improved the monitor's creation experience on the UI by introducing a redesigned wizard. This new user experience streamlines navigation within the monitor's templates, providing users with more precise guidance on setting parameters tailored to their specific use cases. We will continue improving this experience with more to come in the coming releases.

Rolling aggregation for monitors with dynamic thresholds

Introducing a new addition to our monitoring capabilities, detect anomalies using rolling aggregation alongside dynamic thresholds. Every monitor run will aggregate data based on user-defined rolling time intervals. For instance, users can set up monitors to run daily and detect anomalies in the total number of orders over the past seven days using dynamic thresholds. This feature is compatible with the following monitor templates:

  • Metric (Dynamic)
  • Duplicate Count (Dynamic)
  • Duplicate Percentage (Dynamic)
  • Null Count (Dynamic)
  • Null Percentage (Dynamic)

App version: v246