Product Release 2023-03-27

Release: New Catalog and new ML-based monitoring on data assets without time fields

✨ New & Improved

  • New Catalog and data assets pages: Introducing our new catalog to make it easier for data users to find and access the data they need and get all its context and health status in one central place. This includes advanced filtering to narrow down search results, more insights around the data assets, and better navigation between different pages and sub-pages.
  • ML-based monitoring on data assets without time fields and Time Travel support: Users can now create ML-based monitors on tables and views even if it does not have any time field. Leveraging Time Travel capabilities on BigQuery, Databricks, and Snowflake, ML-based monitors can track how the data has been changing to detect data quality anomalies by traveling in its past versions.
    If users do not have Time Travel on their data warehouses, the monitors will continuously take snapshots of the data at every run to reproduce the time-traveling capability.

🛠 Fixes

We have fixed minor bugs impacting partitioned tables monitoring and lineage computation between Tableau and data warehouses.

App version: v126