Product Release 2022-10-12

✨ New & Improved

  • Intrahourly monitoring for data freshness: You can now monitor the freshness of your table at an intra-hourly frequency. For example, you can now be alerted when you expect a refresh every 10 min.
  • Emails as alerts destination: you can now send an alert to multiple email addresses at the same time when a data quality rule is failing.
  • ML-based monitoring setting: You can now use date fields with type string as the time field reference for all the ML-based monitoring.
  • New Integrations page: We have redesigned our Integrations page to surface more insights. For instance, we now display the status of the latest synchronizations and provide more details in case of a sync failure.

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where time-series graphs would not display in some cases with the use of multi-dimensional monitoring
  • Fixed a bug where Tags could not be added to some data assets