Read your notifications


Being alerted on your notification tools in case of monitor failure allows you to be proactive about issues detected by Sifflet and to react before the issue impacts your teams and any decision they might be about to make.

Read Your Notifications

Notifications are triggered on each monitor failure.

All notification tools that Sifflet integrates with contain the same level of information.

Example Slack Notification

Example Slack Notification


The title of the notification is made up of the alert emoji, Rule, the name of the monitor, and failed.


The Message section contains the message that was configured in the monitor.


The Reason section indicates the reason that caused the monitor to fail.


The Timestamp section indicates the time of the failed monitor run.

Window of scanned data

The Window of scanned data section reflects the Time Window monitor setting. This section consequently only shows up if a Time Window setting was configured on the monitor.


You can click on the See Failing Monitor button or link to be redirected to the monitor page and get all the details you need to start troubleshooting the issue.

You can also click on the See Incident button or link to be redirected to the incident page to get more insights in the impact of your asset on the rest of the business.