Hourly granularity

This option is to be used when you receive hourly new data.
The feature is enabled automatically when you set an hourly scheduler (here for more details on how to set up a schedule for monitors).
In the case of a manual run, it will choose the hourly granularity only if there is an hourly scheduler attached.


If a monitor is set to run every hour at minute 15, the model will analyze the data arrived in the full hour prior.
For instance, the run scheduled for 8:15 am will consider the time window between 7:00 am, and 8:00 am.
Similarly, a run set at 10:00 am will consider the time window between 9:00 am and 10:00 am.

Please note that when selecting the hourly mode, the time series will be automatically truncated to 30 days for optimal model training.